United States Bolivarian Party

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The Congress of Bolivarian Parties (CBP)


With the purpose of achieving the three objectives that promotes a Bolivarian party and in particular the objective of achieving a Confederation of American States, there shall be established a Board of directors or Congress of Bolivarian Parties with the representatives of each Bolivarian parties that which was establish in each country of America.

The Board will determine the political orientations that will implement the Bolivarian parties in their respective countries in their struggle for power.


The tasks to be played by the Congress of Bolivarian Parties will be the following:


1. The first task of this Board or Congress of Bolivarian Parties will be the accreditation of the new Bolivarian parties that constitute and the recognition of their representatives as members of the Board or Congress of Bolivarian Parties.


The Board of Directors will have as one of its duties determined action policy and the objectives achieved in each campaign for Latin America seen as a whole.


Due to the distances between countries and insignificant resources available, the meetings of the Board of Directors will be made initially through the Internet using the discussion forums that existing technology allows to implement.


2. The second task of a Bolivarian Parties will be the theoretical training of his political members. So they should organize seminars, at least once a week, where they can study and discuss scientific ideologies to be used in the party to guide it political work and establish the political message which will take to the people for obtein their support and go gaining adherents. Such scientific ideologies are the same that will guide the other Bolivarian parties that exist in the same country as in other American countries. To avoid anarchy and inability of coordination, no Bolivarian party shall employ a scientific ideology is not approved for all parties in the bosom of the Congress of Bolivarian Party.


Scientific ideologies adopted at this time are:


1. The Theory of the Optimal Distribution of Income


2. The Theory of the Senergicones


3. The Theory of the Level of Social Anomie


These theories can be obtained from the Internet at the address:




3. The third task of a Bolivarian party will be the creation of instruments for the dissemination of his political message to the people. For example, the creation of a newspaper, a site on the Internet where to disseminate news and messages, a plan of lectures and appearances on radio and television programs to exhibit the ideas that give the raison of be of the Bolivarian party and its political platform, etc.