United States Bolivarian Party

We Propose the Derogation of Same-Sex Marriage in the US

The Definition of a Bolivarian Party is the next:


We define a Bolivarian party as the one who signs the Declaration of Santo Domingo and in addition set four programmatic commitments to its political platform:


1. The commitment to a redistribution of income in favor of the workers. That is, the commitment to increase, not the monetary wage, but the real wages of workers.


2. The commitment to fight for promote the formation of basic social attitudes in the population, and thereby increasing the level of institutionalization, and consequently reducing corruption in our countries. Understood by basic social attitudes that which are derived from the basic social values of our culture. So, what is all about is to bring the population to basic social values of our culture.


3. The commitment to the realization of the Bolivarian dream of a Confederation of American States within a common market encompassing the South from Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile, to United States and Canada in the north.


4. The commitment to guide the political work and the analysis of the economic, political and social reality of our countries using the ideologies which are presented in the books "The theory of the Optimum Distribution of the Income", "Theory of the Senergicones" and "The theory of the Level of Social Anomie", as well as the commitment to apply policy and guidelines to be determined in the bosom of the Bolivarian Party Congress for America.