United States Bolivarian Party

We Propose the Derogation of Same-Sex Marriage in the US

Study of the Impact that Would Have on the Long Term the Decision of the Supreme Court


2. Demand that the Government of the United States made a scientific study of the impact that would have on the long term, the Decision of the Supreme Court on the Heterosexual nature of the American society


The United States Bolivarian Party understands that society has the right to demand two things from the Government:


1. In the first place, that be scientifically investigated and verified and checked if it is correct that the heterosexual behavior in humans is culturally learned, or if it's completely innate or instinctive behavior that may not teach or learn. The Government has the obligation to carry out a scientific study on the impact which will have the legalization of same-sex marriage in the sexual conduct of the future generations and in the heterosexual nature of the society in the long term (100 years or 5 generations) before taking the steps taken to legalize same-sex marriage.


2. Secondly, in the event that it proves scientifically heterosexual behavior is learned American and Puerto Rico societies have the right to be consulted whether or not they want that societies evolves from a heterosexual society to a homosexual society.


The Government of the United States has not made any scientific study to determine the impact in the long run that will take the decision to legalize same-sex marriage. It has simply taken a decision that could change the heterosexual nature of the society in the long term (five generations or more, that is around 100 years or more) without held no scientific study that showed that the heterosexual behavior of peoples is not culturally learned. If the sexual behavior of peoples were culturally learned, as it established the Theory of Homosexuality by Cultural Learning, then should be consulted the people of Puerto Rico and the United States if they want to stop being a heterosexual society and evolve into a homosexual society.


We have informed the President of the United States Barack Obama the impact that will take this decision in the long term with regard to issues of geopolitics in the alignment of Nations in the future and the impact that will have on health and diseases of sexual transmission in the people of the United States. You can see the letter reporting to the President on these threats on the portal PaisesHomosexuales.Com/carta-presidente-eu-barack-obama.aspx. We caution the reader that this portal is used language and images starkly objective that are necessary from the point of view of the rigor of the scientific description of a sociological nature and that must be used in the courts, but that can be very shocking to the sensitivity of religious people.


Therefore, apart from initiating a lawsuit in the Supreme Court that will reverse in its decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the United States Bolivarian Party shall require the Government of the United States to make the necessary scientific studies on the impact that will have on the long-term decision to legalize same-sex marriage. We must also require the Government to formally answer the approaches that are made to President Obama in the aforementioned letter.